What is the Oxehealth Digital Care Assistant (DCA) and how can it help to reduce falls?
What is the Oxehealth Digital Care Assistant?
Infographic - what the DCATM  for falls is and how it can help reduce falls
Falls are the third most commonly reported type of incident in mental health hospitals as reported by NHS Improvement.*

The Digital Care Assistant (DCA) Infographic shows how the DCA's secure optical sensors are able to pay attention to every room when clinicians can’t be there and to alert clinicians to risky situations, giving them the chance to intervene and provide the right hands on care, at the moment it's needed. 

The DCA gives clinicians more time for hands on care when and where they are needed most because it alerts clinicians when they might be needed, can speed up certain clinical observations and reports objective data to help clinicians plan care better.

DCA can help: 
  • Reduce inpatient injuries
  • Reduce and shorten A&E Admissions
  • Improve staff morale and retention

 *NHS Improvement, The incidence & costs of inpatient falls in hospital, July 2017
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