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Police Federation National Custody Seminar 2018

De Vere Hotel, Daventry Rd, Daventry
The Police Federation of England and Wales National Customer Forum will share insight and debate on key issues surrounding police custody.

Topics covered:
  • Changes to PACE arising from the 2017 Policing & Crime Act, including pre-charge bail
  • The response to the Home Secretary’s Independent Review of Deaths and Serious Incidents in Police Custody
  • The expansion of digital technology in the Criminal Justice System and its impact on police custody, investigation, victims and suspects.
  • Provisions for detainees suffering from mental health crises, including recent changes to the Mental Health Act affecting police powers under s136 and the use of police custody.
  • Learning the lessons from serious incidents & investigations
  • Safeguarding the rights of suspects and victims through effective ongoing and pre-release risk assessment.
At Oxehealth we work with leading police forces who are using our breakthrough technology for police custody. The proven solution supports officers by alerting to critical events enabling officers to manage risk and respond faster, with entirely non- contact activity monitoring.

Stop by our booth and speak with our police service specialist to find out more.
If you would like to find out more about attending this conference, please visit the 'Police Federation National Custody Seminar 2018' website.
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