European Digital Health Day – Jonathan Chevallier on how we can make money with digital health innovations.

As one of Europe's premier digital health start-ups, it's a key question for Oxehealth – and one our CEO, Jonathan Chevallier, will be sharing his thoughts on at today's European Digital Health Day conference in Berlin.

The conference aims to celebrate the digital solutions that are changing the healthcare sector, and raise debate on how to facilitate them. Oxehealth's vital signs monitoring technology is a radically disruptive solution with a vast array of potential use cases, and by targeting the secure rooms sector, a much quicker route to market than offered by other clinical settings. Alongside a panel of Europe's leading experts, Jonathan will be speaking on the clinical value of the Oxecam and how a health start up can provide financial reward.

More information on European Digital Health Day can be found here; follow @Oxehealth for more updates throughout the day.