"Innovative", "Exciting", "Unique"- Is It Time You Joined Our Team?

As our ground-breaking medical technology continues to evolve, so too does our expert team.

Combining technical, scientific and engineering knowledge, the Oxehealth team is the brains and life-blood of the Oxecam, and we're always seeking new talent to join our ranks.

With that in mind, we asked two of our team-members about their experiences so far at Oxehealth, and what words of advice they might have for intelligent, ambitious engineers interested in joining our fast-growing and innovative company. See what they had to say below.


Name: Dr Iain Charlton, CEng

Position: Engineering Manager

What's your background?

After starting out as a mechanical engineer in the building trade, I have been researching and working in biomedical engineering for nearly 20 years. I have worked with medical software for 15 years now, moving from researching and developing the algorithms, through software systems development, project management and product development to managing a team of engineers. I still enjoy all of these aspects of engineering within Oxehealth.

Why did you choose Oxehealth?

I have always been interested in cutting edge medical technology, and was looking for a new challenge in my career. I saw the news of Oxehealth being spun out of Oxford University and saw the company as having a great vision and being potentially tremendously disruptive and innovative. I also saw a small startup as a huge opportunity for personal development, as well as the chance to help create a company culture that I would love to work within.

I watched keenly, and when the early website (a single page with a few hundred lines of text) advertised for its first engineers, I sent in my CV and the rest, as they say, is history.

What are the best bits of the job?

The best aspect of the job is that the bits can all be different on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. In a great week, I may have to develop some core systems code, be involved in some algorithm design, design and develop some application user interface, visit a partner to investigate their problem, and carry out some physical engineering work on a prototype or client installation.

I like being challenged by having to learn new things, and Oxehealth delivers this: small scale systems administration in the early days, creating and deploying a web-based technology demo, ISO13485 and ISO62304 accreditation, selecting and commissioning new software tools to name but a few.

The technology is also fascinating and constantly changing: our algorithms have expanded and improved beyond recognition in two years, and this never seems to stop.

Finally, one of the features of working here is that we all get an equal say in the way we work, so I have every opportunity to change things that are difficult, or do more of the things I love.

What are the opportunities at Oxehealth?

There are many opportunities at Oxehealth. On a personal development level, this is a great opportunity, because the depth and breadth of experience in the company and work we have to do means you can always find something to push you out of your comfort zone, and get the expert help you need to develop.

As a career opportunity, the fact that Oxehealth is growing means that there are and will be opportunities for people to carve out new roles as their skills develop and they gain experience.

I think one of the most unique opportunities in Oxehealth for everyone in the team is influence: we like feedback, and we like change, and anyone can suggest anything freely and openly.

What makes Oxehealth unique?

One of the things that makes us literally unique is our technology: no-one does what we do. Our technology transcends so many technical boundaries, and whenever I'm asked what I do, I'm always excited and proud to tell people, and it almost without fail produces interesting responses and suggestions of "you could use that in...".

Another standout point of Oxehealth is our teamwork ethos. The whole company works together to improve: from executive to junior, all opinions, reflections, problems and needs are discussed and addressed as a team.

Who would work well in the Oxehealth team? What advice would you give them?

People who like to work outside their comfort zone. People who enjoy a fast pace and a dynamic environment: we pivot quickly when we make material new discoveries, and make decisions frequently and fast. People who like a challenge: there is little to do that is already known, and almost everything we do will involve having to learn something that no-one has done exactly this way before. People with opinions and different experiences.

The advice I'd give candidates would be to read about the company and our vision and see if this is where you want to go. Be honest about your strengths, weaknesses and experience: we're looking for people with talent that can add value to Oxehealth, not a check list of things you know or have experience with. Imagine yourself in your ideal position within Oxehealth, and tell us what this means to you, and why you think you will fit in and contribute. Then, come in and see how we work.


Name: Sarah Surrall, CEng

Position: Research and Development Engineer

What's your background?

I have a background in signal processing and machine learning from working in various tech startups before I joined the Oxehealth team.

Why did you choose Oxehealth?

I chose Oxehealth as it is really interesting technology which has the potential to have an enormously positive impact on society. The opportunity to work on a very technical challenge which is working towards a fantastic technology and product range was too exciting to pass up.


What are the best bits of the job?

The variety of the work. I like to have a mixture of things to think about, and I have that at Oxehealth; one day I'm writing a new algorithm, the next I may be collecting data from a police cell.

What are the opportunities at Oxehealth?

Oxehealth has a wide range of opportunities for those motivated to learn new skills. Working in a startup environment means that there are lots of chances to taken on new responsibilities and try new things. This could mean learning about the latest camera and lens technologies, developing a new algorithm, or working out how to tailor the product to a new commercial partner.

What makes Oxehealth unique?

Oxehealth is unique as a startup for several reasons. The range of markets for the technology and the potential impact it could have on society make it a very unusual opportunity. The team is very agile, and works together on planning and prioritising tasks. The team also regularly reviews how well it is working and what can be improved, which is unique among the startups I've worked in.

Who would work well on the team? What advice would you give them?

Someone who is motivated, enthusiastic, and has a passion for new technologies. The team is highly collaborative, working together to prioritise tasks and generate ideas for solving problems. As for advice, I'd say the two most important qualities are probably to enjoy a challenge and to have a sense of fun.


If you're interested in developing your career at Oxehealth and would like to learn more, we'd love to hear from you. Take a look at our current vacancies here, or get in touch.