New Scientist celebrates Oxehealth “ditching the wires”

This week the New Scientist published an article about our Oxecam technology and its capability to improve patient healthcare and safety in various hospital and secure rooms settings. The article included comments from our valued partners, John Radcliffe Hospital and Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, who discussed the Oxecam and its ability to help to improve the safety of their patients.

The article captured the importance of contact-free vital sign monitoring in hospitals and secure room settings. Peter Watkinson, an intensive care doctor at John Radcliffe Hospital, said the Oxecam "gives the opportunity in the future for pervasive monitoring throughout the hospital."

The article was published on the New Scientist website on Tuesday to its 130,000 online readership and will feature in the magazine next week, available in local news agents.

To read the full online New Scientist article click here.