Oxehealth featured in the Financial Times

On Friday, the Financial Times reported that "Sober reality disrupts digital healthcare boom", noting the series of 'bubbles', from Theranos to Zenefits, that have burst over the last few months.

The report suggested that now is the time for digital health solutions to really start to deliver on their ambitious plans a sentiment that was echoed in the article by Oxehealth founder, Professor Lionel Tarassenko, who stated that "exaggerated claims will not help anybody.

Speaking in the report, Professor Tarassenko discussed Oxehealth's 'tricorder' technology, the fast growing number of deployments of our technology across the Police and Mental Health institutions and our filing for US regulatory approval – all of which are quickly moving this digital health solution out of the realm of science fiction, and into the real world of patient care.

The full report, including more on Professor Tarassenko and Oxehealth, can be found here; or learn about our ongoing projects here.