Oxford Health: A good night's sleep - Report

A good night’s sleep

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust conducted a service improvement evaluation on Vaughan Thomas ward, a male acute inpatient ward. The evaluation assessed the use of Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant to improve patient rest and privacy at night without compromising safety.


  • Staff can confirm patient safety without disturbing or waking resting patients at night. 
  • The modified observation protocol is as safe as conventional methods.
  • Patients feel they get better sleep and enjoy more privacy.
  • Staff feel they disturb patients less whilst being confident that they are safe.
  • Staff find the system easy to use and approximately twice as fast as conventional observation methods.

The service improvement evaluation demonstrated that a modified protocol significantly improved patient and staff experience with no reduction in safety, whilst leaving the underlying Engagement and Observation policy at night largely unchanged.

Consequently, Oxford Health have now implemented the modified observation protocol into “everyday use” in all patient bedrooms equipped with the Digital Care Assistant.