Digital Care Assistant:Optical sensor paying attention to every room
Product Brief
Digital Care Assistant for Falls
Digital Care Assistant: optical sensor paying attention to every room 

The Oxehealth Digital Care Assistant system acts as assistant paying attention to every room when staff can’t be there: customers install a secure optical sensor that generates the alerts and reports staff need.

Falls are common among hospital inpatients. For the patient, consequences may include fracture, fear of falling, anxiety and depression and loss of confidence, all of which can lead to greater disability. Falls by inpatients often result in increased duration of stay, as well as a greater chance of unplanned re-admission or of discharge to residential or nursing home care.

  • Falls in Mental Health cost on average £3,000 per fall 
  • Mental health reported 33,962 inpatient falls in 2015/2016
  • Third most commonly reported type of incident in mental health hospitals.

Find out how the Oxehealth DCA can support staff to reduce falls, patient injuries and A&E admissions. 

DCA features:

  • Edge of bed alert
  • Witness an unwitnessed fall 
  • Out of room alert
  • Bathroom timer
  • Activity tracker report.